Top Notch Commercial Carpentry

Our team has the skills needed to meet your objectives with proper accountability and a well-rounded reputation.


Commercial carpentry and remodeling is not a project that’s to be taken lightly. We consider safety and transparency as our main priorities when working on a job site. There are many more different factors to consider and a ton of rules and regulations that are needed to be followed. Therefore, it is critical to know that your commercial contractor has the organization, skills, and materials needed to back up their work.

Our core values are safety, honesty, and professionalism.

We are highly adaptable with all construction foremen and collaborate well on a variety of projects. Our team has the skills needed to meet your objectives with proper accountability and a well-rounded reputation. Additionally, our team is working with over 15 years of experience in the field, so we can guarantee that we’ll get the job done quickly and correctly. Wilson Primo has a positive attitude that comes from his applied process of independent thinking. His craft stems from the heart and it reflects on his quality of work. 

Our commercial carpentry and construction services cover all of the critical parts of your building. We work with numerous different materials to guarantee solid construction and a beautiful outcome. We want your employees to feel comfortable and lively when they step into the building. And you want your customers to feel a warmth radiating from your business. In addition to many different types of services, our employees have the “Primo Morale” work ethic when it comes to achieving the best result.

Our business places emphasis on the idea of Modern Living and that is the commercial carpentry we build to achieve. With a good reputation comes building genuine relationships. Primo Carpentry has positive associations with luxury apartment rentals and reputable real estate development firms. If your company has a vision that needs to be fulfilled correctly with all aspects of design carefully considered you have come to the right place.

Interior Carpentry

From foundational construction to aesthetic details, and assembling complex systems we have you covered.

Bathroom Hardware
Bathroom Hardware

We ensure that you have exactly what you need and that your commercial bathroom looks great.


Our team will work with you to ensure we meet your desired outcome perfectly.

Door Hardware
Door Hardware

Not only are these features important for the look of the building, but they are also essential for your safety as well.

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